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After spending a late night, post-performance surfing, I had computer lingo on the brain and I found myself at an interview the next morning describing “song as the software of the soul.” But the more I thought about it, the phrase was apt not only for its alliteration. Song, after all, is nothing more or less than a diary of human experience. It is the expression of the imagination that connects the dots of our existence, that helps us understand and articulate who we are, why we do what we do, and how we fit within the larger context.

I have envisioned this HAMPSONG on the Web as an extension of that imaginative software: an added means of communicating across vast distances, a way of broadening the audience for classical music, and an informal way of sharing the passions, queries, and discoveries that make my calling as a singer endlessly fascinating to me.

I look forward to all the possibilities for expanded communication our New Age offers, and I hope to use the medium of the Internet to share, to communicate, and to continue the with the many fellow music lovers and cyberphiles around the world, and I look forward to the fertile continuation of that dialogue and exchange of ideas.

Feel free to browse, rummage in the extensive archive, and indulge in the loads of information you are finding here!

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